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Tommy Wins Hometown Award

Tommy's official site posted news that El Punt, a Catalan newspaper, has awarded Tommy the "Gironese of the Year" award. (Tommy is from the province of Girona in Catalonia.)

Three of these awards are given out each year in the areas of sport, culture, and economy, and obviously Tommy won the sports one. ;) Tommy was awarded for his consistency, his effort, and his tenacity, and for being able to stay at the top of the rankings. Tommy couldn't be there in person to accept the award since he was in Monte Carlo, but his father Ángel accepted the award for him:

The source article is HERE.

By the way, Tommy beat Feli Lopez (ESP) today in Barcelona, 6-2 6-2. Easy peasy! :D According to the offical website Tommy made 87% of his first serves, needing to hit only eight second serves in the match.

Later in the day Tommy and Marc Lopez (ESP) lost their doubles match 4-6 4-6 against Bhupathi/Stepanek, but that's okay - I'd rather he focus on singles anyway. ;)

Also from the official site:

Robredo: "First I was nervous for playing at home, but I'm happy with the match. It's great to be back on number five (ATP Ranking) - let's see how long it lasts. I'm not on my physical top level but my technique and mental approach are alright. I'm happy with my game."

About being at his career-best ranking: "The approach is the same as I would [have if I was] number twenty. The season is long and you never know in which position you will finish. Logically, being number five should mean you are better and better prepared but it's theory. I want to go one game at a time and give my best in each one of them. And about my physical condition, more game I play, better I'll feel, better I'll play."

Next up for Tommy is fellow hottie Agustin Calleri (ARG), who's playing his first tournament since injuring himself in Acapulco and seems to be playing very well in Barcelona. Good luck, Tommy! <3

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