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The Tommy Robredo Forum

For fan discussion, news, photos, and more!

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Welcome to the Tommy Robredo Forum!

This community is a forum for fans of the Catalan/Spanish tennis player, Tommy Robredo! Tommy has been one of the world's top ten players since 2006, peaking at a career-high ranking of #5 in the world, and he still gets no love? What's up with that? He may not have had as much success as his compatriots Carlos Moya, Juan Carlos Ferrero, and Rafael Nadal, but Tommy is a great player who deserves some love and attention!

Here at this community you can discuss Tommy to your heart's content, post news items, sexy photos, and more! There are just a few guidelines, just read through these quickly before you start to post!

1. You can talk about any of the Spanish players here, but your posts must be about Tommy.
2. Be nice to everyone, and don't make anyone feel stupid or inferior.
3. Please don't bash other tennis players in here - even if Tommy is the best! ;)
4. Any posts with large pictures or more than one picture must be placed behind an LJ-cut.
5. No hotlinking of anyone's images!
6. Match results must ALWAYS be placed behind LJ-cuts if the match is being televised. People could be waiting to watch the match and might not want the results ruined for them.
7. Do not promote any communities without approval from the moderator first. As long as you ask first and your community is tennis-related or Tommy-related we will approve it without any hesitation.
8. This community is maintained by haruhiko. Send him an LJ message if you need to get in touch.

Thanks everyone! Join and have a great time!

Besides his official website, other Tommy sites you should look into include:

Tommy's official profile on the Association of Tennis Professionals' (ATP) website.
- Includes records and stats on all of Tommy's matches played at the ATP level.

Wikipedia's entry for Tommy Robredo.