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Tommy Video; Match Results

For anyone who's interested, Marca has a video of Tommy being interviewed in Barcelona (but know that it's in Spanish). If you have a stand-alone video player that can play .flv files (Flash video), you can use the direct download link:


...or you can just view it on the web.

Also, Marca has posted a long Tommy interview. It's also in Spanish, so if I have time I may attempt a bad translation of it later in the week. *L*

As for the match, unfortunately Tommy lost to Calleri today, 4-6 6-2 3-6. >:[

Agustin played very well but Tommy was also spraying a lot of balls, and add in Agustin's greater power and you have the recipe for a loss. Also, Agustin was far less threatened on his own serve than Tommy was. It didn't surprise me too much considering that even when Agustin has lost to Tommy on clay they've always been very tight, close matches. Agustin dominated the first set while Tommy dominated the second, and then the final set was a break-fest. *L*

Anyway, Tommy will lose a few points for not defending his final appearance, but he won't drop too far in the rankings - just from #5 to #7, which is good. Hopefully he can gain some points at Rome since he went out in the first round there last year, and maybe he'll play at Estoril since he skipped it last year.

Good luck in the next tourney, Tommy! <3 Just stop spraying your balls! (And yes, that pun was on purpose! XD *rofl*)


Apr. 27th, 2007 12:19 pm (UTC)
Oh yeh and thanks for taking the time to post these!=) It's really appreciated.

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