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Here's a loose translation of Tommy's blog entry from Barcelona. Keep in mind the entry is a few days old:

Date: 24 April 2007
Subject: We're Back Playing at Home!

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to be writing this time from my tournament, as it's always special to play at home - first because it's my club and family and friends who normally can't come to see my matches can attend, and second because it is a tournament where I've recently been doing very well. After to playing my first match against Feliciano, I'm happy to have won since he is always tough to play in a first match here at home, but I felt very good and I'm already in the third round, that was the important thing today.

As all you know this year Barcelona has a new center court, different from what we were accustomed, but I've been able to try it out and it seems equally good as the one last year!

Now I leave you and I am going to eat a little... this year they've put the players' area near the swimming pool, and in the buffet we have crab legs and croquettes every day... not to mention rice! Honestly they take care of us well. Afterwards I'll return to the courts to prepare for my doubles match (with Marc Lopez) that is behind schedule. I hope to count on your support all week like every year!


- - - - - - - - -

Youtube has a video clip from yesterday's Tommy/Calleri match. Don't watch unless you want to know what the result is:


Also, I translated a short news blurb from Tommy's website about the match:

Tommy acknowledged yesterday in press conference his disappointment in being eliminated from Barcelona by the Argentine Agustín Calleri, and that he was displeased with his game, since he gave "too many opportunities" to his opponent and "in the end Calleri played better." "Calleri is a good player and if you are not playing at one hundred percent you can lose. The match had gone his way at the beginning and that cost me when I was trying to turn it around later," explained Robredo, who was sorry to have committed "many errors" when he was ahead in the third set, in which there were five consecutive service breaks.

Tommy's website has a photo from the press conference HERE, but it's a very blurry photo. Just blame Tommy! *L* XD

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