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Tommy Interview Doble Cero

Tommy: "I like Roger's tennis better, but for going out to have dinner together it's Rafa without a doubt."

Recently Double Zero did an interview with Tommy. In here he tells us his hobbies, dreams, and some stories.

Who is the person who has helped you the most in your professional career?

My father and my mother without a doubt.

And in your life?

Them also. I believe that just as in your profession they are always the people who help you the most in your life.

How would you describe yourself as a tennis player?

A professional player, with a good physique, very steady, quite solid.

And as a person?

I'm a homebody, somebody who likes having friends around, shy, someone who likes to do the normal, regular things any person my age likes to do, but overall what I like is to be at home.

What are your goals for this season?

To be able to stay in the Top Ten first and foremost would be very good, and to be able to play in the Masters (Cup) again would be exceptional.

What has been your greatest moment as an athlete?

The last year without a doubt. To reach #5 in the rankings, to win a Masters Series, to play the Masters and to finish the year as #7 in the world were all incredible things.

And your worst?

When I had a tapeworm at 14 and 15 and when I had a back injury one year; I believe there's nothing worse for an athlete than to be injured.

Tell us an anecdote.

I haven't done a lot of pranks so I don't have many really hilarious stories, but since I'm always traveling there is always something interesting in even just the day to day activities. For that reason I write blog entries on my website from time to time, so fans can read the stories and about my experience in matches, and people can connect with me that way.

A dream of yours?

To have family and a very pretty house in the mountain with horses and to enjoy seeing my children grow up... I think children are wonderful! If we're talking about as an athlete... it's to always give my all on the court.

An odd habit?

I'm not eccentric about it, but I am an extremely ordered person.

A favorite color?


Reading or music?

Music without a doubt, since I don't read more than magazines and newspapers.

A favorite film?

Braveheart, although lately in the cinema I have liked The Illusionist, Blood Diamond, and some others.

Favorite food?

Sushi and sashimi.

Say you weren't a tennis player. What would be doing now?

No idea. I suppose I'd be studying something in order to get a job.

What is it that you like about tennis in particular?

For me, it's that tennis is about the competition, about trying to get better and better every day...

And what don't you like?

Traveling, being far from family and friends...

How do you think you look on television?

Horrible! I believe that nobody looks as good as they normally do on TV, and even my voice when I speak... and when I move I look like death! hehehe

Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer?

I like Roger better as a tennis player but for going out to have dinner together it's Rafa without a doubt.

Which tournament do you like best?

Barcelona, 'cause I can stay at home and I know that my family and friends can come to see me.

And the one you like the least?

Honestly they all treat us very well in all respects, so it's difficult to say that one is the worst...

When you're not on the courts, what do you do in your free time?

I stay at home on the couch, go see friends, or ride my quad... But really, to be relaxing at home is the best!

What other sports do you enjoy besides tennis?

Adventure sports, riding the quad, football, golf...

As a way to end the interview I'd like you to leave some advice for the young people who are just starting up in the world of tennis.

I think that for young people what you should do is to play tennis only if you enjoy it, but it's a very good sport for the development of a person, physically speaking. And if you can play well, look for good equipment and work hard in everything so that you are always trying to improve, and see where it takes you! But overall the most important thing is to enjoy the game!


Also for those who want it here is Tommy's 2006 Hamburg blog.

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